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E-Session: Sadie + Jim

Thank you Sadie and Jim for taking the time out to let me experiment with a few techniques and a personality lesson which was pretty insightful. I am the apparently the “performer”, which says a lot about me. I hope you guys love some of my favorites:I was testing out a prism…interesting reflective/diffusive properties. Love playing with lights and shadows .

WD: Jennifer + Jacky

It fills me with great honor when I get to document weddings recommended to me from past clients but this was even more special it was Erica’s brother. I remember back at Erica + David’s wedding I captured some candid moment of these two lovely couple you see here. Little did I know I would one day be documenting their big day! I would love to share with you some of my favorite images from that day:A beautiful touch to have each and every one of the bridesmaid’s dresses hung from custom hangers. Shows just how special these girls are to Jennifer. Jacky successfully gained access into the house after doing some of the girls grueling door games…But not before some red envelopes were exchanged.Love the expressions and reactions to seeing each other.Mom doing the final touches.Love the power of mirrors. I was able to create a different tone from the same location.
A capture at the right moment…
Time for the first look.
Perfect lighting, scenery, and an amazing couple.Love these candid moments.A hilarious scenario presented itself.
A sweet moment between Jennifer and her grandmother. What a great celebration filled with smiles, laughters and memories that will be remember years to come!