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It was a journey to remember! It a wonderful trip with my cousins and ourselves to this tiny but bountiful wonder that is Iceland. Iceland drink some strong alcohol and they live in some harsh conditions! The wind speed there was intense and what made it that much colder. It was truly a wonderful experience to say the least and I would go back in a heart beat! Let’s let the images convey my adventure through Iceland:


I should have known I was going to be embarking on a wonderful adventure when this was the set right when I was about to leave for the airport!One of the first things I saw in Iceland was this amazingly detailed door. Doors just aren’t as decorative/ornamented like that anymore.This seem to have been the way of parking for some Icelandics. Our amazing couple, company, housemates, for our Iceland adventure.We were always making fun of how we have to tried the Puffin but Wendy was against it and tried to convince us not to eat this “cute” bird.Our first landmark, Hallgrímskirkja, First Church of Iceland.
Scene from the top.Alvar Aalto’s Nordic house. Sorry, I love me some buildings.Reykjavikur’s City Hall.What delicious hotdogs!The view from our “easy hike”.This was part of our “Easy Hike”…I don’t know about Icelandic people but this was a pretty difficult trail!Location: Þingvellir National Park, Reykjavik, Iceland

With the two girls man-ing down the tripod, using my cousin’s 14mm lens, using my Canon 5D Mark III. We got some damn nice shots of the Aurora Borealis

Wendy dug that cave out for herself!
What a breathtaking view and a mix of two diverse landscapes so close together.This was no easy feat. The glaciers were natural blue.What an enormous waterThe view in Iceland is always so wonderful. This was around 3pm when the sun was setting!The Fishmarket was by far one our favorite places to dine. Delicious wouldn’t describe how wonder this meal was.

Our expensive bill.Gullfoss – Geysir in Iceland
We were at Gullfoss and I must tell you it was an amazing scene! It was bloody cold but it was still breathtaking site!This is a delicacy in Iceland. DELICACY is the word…When we first smelled it, it could only be described as spoiling, and rotting fish! When we had our first taste, it had a cheese-like consistency, then it started to numb my jaw, and finally I had to swallow it because it was starting to burn my mouth. I was truly a Viking that night!A great way to end our trip with a volcanic spa.


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