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Isabel + Abner Bridal Shower

Event: Isabel + Abner Bridal/Groom Shower!

Location: Avalon Hall

You guys might remember this rockstar couple from our E-session at Central Park! It’s worth mentioning that I must be the luckiest photographer out there! I seem to always be graced by wonderful and amazing people.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to join Isabel & Abner to attend their Bridal/Groom Shower and get a glimpse of what is to be expected on their big day! From the few hours that I was able to participate in I could already tell Isabel & Abner surround themselves with great and extraordinary people. From braving the incredible rain storm to attend this bridal shower to having a lot of fun with the bridal/groom games! Everytime  I meet with them I feel closer and closer to them and I am thankful for that. Here are some of my favorites from this amazing bridal/groom shower:


Team 1
Team 2Team 3Isabel had a hard time choosing which one matched her dress the most!Abner must have went up to Isabel 3 times and each time without any hesitation said “No, it wasn’t Abner!” It was too funny.


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