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Wedding Day: Isabel + Abner

A year ago, an early phone call, and an inquire about wedding leads us to this very day. Throughout the year we did an engagement shoot, and an intimate bridal’s shower and each time I learned something new and special about these two amazing people. Abner is a considerate guy, who cares more about Isabel  than anyone else. Isabel is a sweet, fun, and lovable person with a heart to match. I have seen their story unfold piece by piece and documented each moment for them. On their wedding day, I wanted to complete this story with truly some of the best work and images so that they can have these memories the rest of their lives. Here are just some of my favorites:

Dolling up and getting ready.

The finishing touches!Chocolate, Martini Glass, and Party shoes! I think she is ready for this wedding.

Finally in her incredible wedding dress.I remember Isabel used the term, “Bridesmaid-zilla” as Isabel was the calmest one there! First time I’ve heard that but I’m pretty sure everyone was just making sure Isabel was just perfect.
Abner has been waiting for this first look for a while! The excitement is all over his face.They were just so happy to see each other!
Just a fun group shot where everyone was trying to hug one another! I think everyone was just having a great time!Can’t leave NYC in a dress without hailing a cab!I remember during our engagement shoot Isabel really wanted to shoot in front of a horse carriage but we weren’t able to but this time in her wedding gown we made it happen!!!Look at that face! He’s so happy and can’t wait to watch Isabel walk down the aisle.
She is just stunning don’t you agree?

Best message to the groom of all time!One of my favorites!Now that’s a way to cut a cake!Love the in sync facial expressions!At the end of the night I think this little flower girl was tired!

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