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Wedding Day: Annie + Gabe

I have known Annie since we were in middle school and it was a surprise more ways than one when she told me she wanted me to document her big day! This wedding was full of amazing guest, lots of dancing, and to top it off a great amount of alcohol! Annie and Gabe were both so much fun to document because each and every moment they just wanted to have fun and just spend lots of time with their guest. I feel like that is the best way to spend it! They made sure the wedding was done right. Here are some of my favorites of that day:


They had a very unique setup for their guest to sign. For each special wedding anniversary they would pop open a bottle of wine to drink and remember what some of their guest wrote.

Bow ties are cool! It’s even better when you catch it with shorts. Not often do I catch a groom in this setup, I had to snag the opportunity.

Annie looking all gorgeous. She is ready to GO!

We took this opportunity to capture a few moments of Annie alone.

This was a very special first look! Usually we have the bride approach the groom but this time around we hid Annie in a closet so she can spring out of it to surprise Gabe!

He was ready…or was he?!

I was pretty sure Gabe was not expecting that!

Annie’s mom was making sure her daughter was looking lovely right before the ceremony!

I think she’s ready to walk down the aisle.


Let the ceremony begin!Love this detail of how Annie and Gabe are holding one another!

I told Gabe to get closer but becareful of the deadly hairspray….

He decided it was okay! Nothing beats moments like these.

Gabe has some up!

They were trying to stimulate “Dirty Dancing” but from Gabe’s facial expression he doesn’t feel that confident. ┬áBut they nailed it!

During their first dance.

All the guest were just as amazing as Annie and Gabe. They were full of life and smiles! I love candid moments like these.

Something is about to GO DOWN!

An awesome dance-off!

Mom was about to get in on the fun!

This guy was out there the entire night! He’s got some moves.

These guys were doing an awesome job as well.

Then we had a little unexpected guest!

How often do you get a swan at a wedding?! Not often, I must say.

Did I mention how much I love these guest! Everyone was Kung-Fu fighting! It just makes my day when even the parents get involved.

This little slugger was confused about what was going on! One of my favorites!

Everyone was having such a great time…it could be the alcohol.

During the Father-Daughter dance..

 Son and Mother dance.

Singles ladies assemble.

What an epic throw and jump! I love how the spot light hits her as she catches the bouquet.

Champion cheer!

Now for the garter! Gabe was in there for quite some time.

This guy wanted the garter all to himself!

Nothing better than Psy-Gangnam Style to get Gabe and Annie busting out their moves!

One of our final shots at the end of the night. I wish them a life time of happiness!


Hung Truong Van - March 1, 2014 - 3:56 am

I’m very happy when i see this album. Good luck to you, Annie!

Hung Truong Van - March 1, 2014 - 3:58 am

Annie, your mother sent this to me.

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