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French Riviera: Marseille, Provence, Nice, Monte Carlo

Our next adventure takes place throughout the French Riviera. We saw some great landscapes in Marseille but unfortunately half of us got sick…still do not know what it was. In Provence we saw an old city and its blend of little shops and architecture. Nice, we got to explore the city filled with art. We were even gambling in Monte Carlo…Penny slots, whooo! Even though it was unfortunate some were sick at this time it was still filled with wonderful memories, here are some of my favorites:

MarseilleThe view at Palais Longchamp. So many great details.

Nothing beats a great arch.
The next day my fiancé was not feeling so well but she still wanted to explore the city. This image is to remind me to never let her do that again…she wasn’t doing so well after. =( Provence

I have always love the idea of light piercing through the darkness.
It creates wonderful back light too!NiceA view from the top.Time to see some fancy cars…at Monte Carlo.Musée Océanographique de Monaco; Look at that face.

These were the egg sacs of the fishes.A whole tank full of NemosI never knew sea urchins had glowing eyes…
A lucky cat and a bottle of beer, the way it should be.
Museum of Modern Art of NiceWe found these ruins while exploring Nice.Always a great night when it ends with this little lady.

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