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WD: Tiffany + Bill

I am always grateful to have friends that recommend me to equally amazing people. Tiffany just so happen to come across Sophia‘s wedding photo and got in contact with me about potentially documenting her wedding. Let’s just say I couldn’t be happier. I was glad I could be helping two kind and wonderful people capture this special moment in their lives. Here are some of the special moments:
Tiffany getting ready.Bill got her a special wedding gift. Tiffany: “Bill did good!”

Bill preparing. Photos by Peter Chan

Cutest flower girl ever!Tiffany is ready to get married!

Not before a special visit from her mother.

Tiffany was holding back some tears.
A special moment for them both.Bill’s just a little excited to see Tiffany. Diggin’ his expression. 

Whooo, they are officially married!Caught this at the right moment as she gets into her ride.

Leaving in style.

One word to get Bill cracking up like this…”chandelier”.
The amazing bridal party for Tiffany and Bill.

The girls were killing it!During their first dance, I always aim to look for a different perspective to give my clients a different take on “classic” image.
Let the party begin!Love having two different perspectives. It helps create a more complete story of the day and what it may look like in two different points of the space.Bill was there for quite a while…Ending the night with a final dance as a newlywed. 

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