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WD: Fariah + Nabeel (Mehndi Ceremony)

I was grateful enough to take part in this special Mehndi Ceremony of Fariah & Nabeel. The ceremony is a reflection of the rich culture portrayed through colorful details and joyous singing/dancing . I was obsessed with documenting every little detail; it was photographer’s dream! Here’s a sneak peak at my favorites:Fariah looking amazing!The simple use of a door and how much of a difference it makes.Using the sun as the ultimate backlight, always turns out the best.
Let the celebrations begin.
All the items used for the Mehndi procession.The skillful art of Henna, got to watch this first hand and it’s amazing.
This kid really knew where to find the best spot to sit. When surrounded with family, smiles and each other, there’s really nothing better.

Jenny Garcia - September 18, 2015 - 4:47 pm

beautiful, beautiful event, and outstanding photography. many blessings for eternal bliss for the happy bride, groom and families.

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