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WD: Vicktery + Justin

It was great meeting with Vicktery and Justin, we seemed to have hit it off right away! It was great discussing the details and visions of their wedding from different moments throughout the day and what they would love documented. But with every wedding comes the unpredictability of the weather. Unfortunately, we had a heavy down pour but we worked around that to still create timeless and amazing imagery for these two incredible people. Here are some of my favorites:

I live for the details.
Love the sapphire ring.
The makeup artist brought a ringlight…gives me an incredible illumation for Vicktery.We are almost ready!
Mom just needs to do the final touches.Dad helping out with the last few detailsDuring the first look: we managed to shoot outside right underneath the awning for some natural lighting.Love the little characteristics/details brought forth by Vicktery. We managed to find an indoor space with large floor to ceiling windows and drapery to get some great images.Love her smile!Everyone just having a little fun!
Love this candid moment with Grandma!One of my favorites.
During the touching and heartfelt speech from Justin to Vicktery.Moment between both moms.Love touches of candles everywhere.
Let the party BEGIN!Dad: Vicktery, Vicktery!!!!

Such great spirit!
Time for the bouquet toss!
vj-64Check out the amazing catch!
Thank you guys for having me take part in such a special occasion, surrounded by your friends and family! 

Venue: Battery Gardens

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