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E-Session: Connie + Eric

I was first approached by Connie through Jennifer who turns out to be cousins and asked if I would help them document their engagement photos. They had suggested Gantry Park and I personally love shooting here and it’s always fun to visit my old neighborhood. We were all set except one unexpected problem…rain…every photographer’s worst nightmare. Luckily it held out and even disappeared after we began shooting, PHEW! With that here are some of my favorite from that cloudy/sunny day.


We were chasing the sun, we saw that it had peaked out for a little bit with some picturesque clouds so we found a spot quickly and took the shot!

Love getting down low and using my surroundings to create a new perspective. Sometimes the best shots come in the form of a sharp conjoining building.Got a little closer for that wonderful smile from Connie.“The world always looks brighter behind a smile”Love shooting unique and interesting views .I love mixing architecture with engagement photos, the lines and symmetry make me so happy.How wonderful to always have a partner to laugh and smile with.Modern architecture meets urban landscape. Love a little silhouette. 

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