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WD: Laura + Jason

This is Laura and Jason’s incredible intimate wedding. Laura is actually one of my sister-in-law’s closest friends. It was my pleasure to help them document this incredible day full of family, great moments, and a cool vintage car. Please check out some of my favorites.


Venue: Daniel

Venue(Day 2): ABC Kitchen
We were in the mystery novel section of the library as we waited for everyone to gather and this book title caught my eye; “Don’t Ever Look Back.”To balance all three rings on this plant was feat on it’s own…but luckily it stayed long enough for the shot.Love this bouquet arrangement, all the colors.Love the intimate-ness of the entire day.The moment they were pronounced husband and wife.The first kiss!Sometimes a simple gesture can set an incredible mood for the shot.I do love playing in tall grasses.It adds to the focus and cuteness of their expressions.The most important thing is to surround yourself with loved ones.Nothing beats a big open space to create a great portrait.Who doesn’t love a great stone wall.When they rolled up the vintage car….I was thinking of a million ideas! So much fun!We were at Daniel enjoying an intimate dinner with everyone involved in the ceremony. FYI here’s a technical fact about both dinners, both Daniel and ABC Kitchen are high-end establishments and I was restricted from using my flash to document the event so I had to capture moments at f1.8, ISO 5000, 1/50s…#steadyhands. In all my years, I have never done before but luckily my gear was good enough to handle the lighting situation and I held my breath most of the time. What a lovely cake from Daniel’s.This was the next day celebrating with all their friends and family at ABC Kitchen

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