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WD: Alla + Fayad

Witnessing their Muslim/Indian Ceremony I got to know how much love surrounded these two incredible people. Alla and Fayad were just down-to-earth and cared so much about their families, it was amazing to see. During the entire wedding day, there were many surprises and special tributes to Fayad’s parents, brother, and even a special send-off to Alla at the end of the night. Here are some of my favorite moments throughout the day:

Photographers: Kevin Liang + Michele Wong

Venue: Marina Del Rey Caterers

Caught Fayad putting the final touches…his Pokeball cuffs!Not all heroes wear capes…some wear awesome t-shirts underneath their tux!Details of the veil and dress.
Always awesome when the bride thinks about all her bridesmaid, look at the custom embroidered robes.The beautiful bridal party
The final touches.A quick portrait while waiting for the bride to come out for a first look.A perfect setting for a first look. THOSE CLOUDS ARE SO PICTURESQUE.From the line of clouds, to the beautiful view everything makes this perfect for them to practice their first dance. 🎶This long expansive pier became the perfect background for Alla and Fayad…🔥🔥🔥Always love a classic portrait.Love candid moments right before a kiss…my favorite.Framed it. 😉Everyone enjoying the sun…may have been just a little too hot.
Fayad’s adorable parents just being themselves. #relationshipgoals
I think this explains it all.The ladies made my job easy…look at their amazing poses!I don’t think that’s the right way to open an umbrella during the ceremony…
The mothers.To get this shot, I had to run behind the gazebo…tip toe and shoot perfectly through the bushes to catch Alla’s reaction. I am glad I did. Whoot whoot, Congratulations!Chilling with the crew.A performance from Alla and Fayad for their first dance.When someone’s got you up in the air and you can’t stop smiling. It’s the best feeling in the world.Always beautiful to end with a dip! 💯The cute little flower girl, owning the dance floor!The parent’s speeches. I love her reaction!!!Partytime!!!From hero shirts to masks…Cuteness overload.
There’s nothing sweeter. Look at that toss!Like I mentioned before, there were many surprises that night. One of them was Fayad finding the song that his parent’s danced to many years ago.Then later, Fayad continues by surprising his brother and sister-in-law with a song and dance.  Last but not least…we stayed up the very end so they can step outside and Fayad can surprise his wife with a Rolls Royce send-off. We couldn’t leave without getting some amazing shots in and outside this beauty. From Michele and myself, we thank you for entrusting us on this amazing day. We can’t wait for you to see all the photos and reminiscence about each moment.

Muslim Ceremony: Alla + Fayad

In this diverse world, it’s great to see how much love does transcends all religion and cultures.♥️It was a pleasure to help document this intimate gathering of friends and family to Alla and Fayad’s Muslim ceremony. Find some of my favorite moments and details:Omg the smell was through the roof amazing…all the wonderful spices.Alla was in this lovely Sari and under such amazing light. Couldn’t miss an opportunity to get some incredible portraits.My favorite!All that bling and vibrancy.Fayad was figuring out how to get turban on. He’s usually the one helping others. Everything is set.
Fayad and his boys.Alla and her ladies.There was a part of the prayer ceremony that Fayad had to find his shoes. In order to get them back he had to give them money. Found the culprit.Someone really wanted her balloons.
Some of the gifts and jewelry presented to Alla and her mother.A touching moment between Fayad’s speech to Alla. The matchmaker that made it all possible.
Sealing the deal.
Adorableness!!!Had to get some wonderful portraits in this CHAIR.Happiness.

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[…] their Muslim/Indian Ceremony I got to know how much love surrounded these two incredible people. Alla and Fayad were just […]