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WD: Nicole + Jimmy

Nicole and Jimmy from the first day we met, we instantly clicked and it was just like talking to an old friend. From their engagement, to intimate ceremony to their big day it was so amazing to see this love story unfold. Here are some of the amazing images from that day: Future Mrs. Larios hanging with her ladies. Wedding details. A great way to show them off is collectively on in little tray.
The start to the grey poupon fun throughout the day.Love capturing uninterrupted moments like these. It’s some of the best memories.Final touches.Groom’s side, the vows he’s written.Drinks, stories, and surrounded by brothers.
The ladies aren’t too shabby either. I think they are all ready.When mom first steps in to greet Nicole. Nothing like a drink and mom before everything begins.The first look.The first look, the moment right before everything begins and you get to enjoy those precious few moments with your significant other. The emotions set’t help but love this image so much. The candid expression and smile from Nicole. I think Jimmy may have been sniffing her hairspray a little too hard Introducing this incredible wedding partyTwo sides to how everyone is getting ready for the ceremony.
I love the send-off: bubbles, smiles and everyone that witnessed them become Mr. And Mrs. Larios!!!Unaware I was still behind them. Thank God I was fast enough to catch this moment of bliss and celebration! So much sassiness and fun to capture.Get the tissues… Dancing to Heartland-I Loved Her First; embedded in the song is a recording of Little Nicole and her father having a sweet intimate conversation and to be reminded of this on your wedding day…OMG it was so perfect..even as the photographer I couldn’t help but listen and enjoy the moment. Dad in the background having his eyes covered at this moment…hilarious.Look at all the people that came to show their love and affection for this wonderful couple! Congrats to Mr. And Mrs. Larios.

WD: Carol + Rey

It was amazing to have documented Carol and Rey’s e-session a few days ago before this intimate backyard wedding. There were so many details and thought put into this wedding that I couldn’t stop taking photos of the little details all around. Please check out my favorites from that evening:Look at that amazing suspended cake from Carmen’s CakesSome preparations with mom before the big event. I can never resist a good mirror shot. Mom helping with the final touches.Love this black and white moment as everything comes into place.The kids made an incredible entrance, they were super cute.
Here comes Carol and Rey.A touching moment from mom as she gives her warm wishes/blessing to Carol and Rey.This backyard become the best backdrop for their first dance . I love how much they were in their own world.♥️When you have that someone to enjoy every moment with. It feels like this.Nothing without family.Ending the night like this made it perfect.