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E-Session: Carol + Rey

After their city hall wedding Carol and Rey wanted to have some photos taken nearby and I suggested DUMBO. This was a always a place with a vast and varieties of scenery. The unfortunate thing was the forecast had predicted rain and I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to produce some amazing photos for these two. The rain may have been a blessing in disguise as we began in the park and when the rain started we had to find shelter., Luckily I shot here enough that I knew some cool spots that we could hide under and still get some great images. Check out the some of my favorite:

I loved this location and to have Carol and Rey in front of it just made it better.
A sweet moment between Carol and her daughter, love moments like these.“Yes!” I felt this was appropriate after their city hall ceremony. It was still raining so we had to keep finding shelter underneath more structure, I’m glad we did.We were hiding underneath the Manhattan Bridge and this stream of water was pouring down soI went behind it. This became my favorite shot of the day.Who could resist a puddle?!Couldn’t pass up a window to showcase Carol and Rey.
Carol and Rey slaying it! After the rain subsided we were able to walk around DUMBO and soak in the sights.The rain stopped, the sun came peaking out, and the light reflecting off the water was amazing (instant reflector)! Perfecto.The lighting was perfect here and I’m glad Carol and Rey were up for anything!Caught this image of Carol in front of the re-purposed factory. I love lines and symmetry.Randomly stumbled into this space and these awesome stairs. I wanted to incorporate Carol and Rey’s beautiful children in a fun way.When looking for places to shoot, I always love the off the beaten path. Something unique and interesting tend to happen when you are experimenting. I couldn’t be happier with these architectural details that highlight Carol and Rey.Fierce 🔥
After the rain, we had these dynamic clouds…this was the right way to end our session with the amazing scene of NYC. 

Stay tuned for part two as we document an intimate backyard wedding for this lovely family.

WD: Carol + Rey » Kevin Liang Photography - September 2, 2017 - 8:06 am

[…] was amazing to have documented Carol and Rey’s e-session a few days ago before this intimate backyard wedding. There were so many details and thought put […]

WD: Trisha + Charles

Trisha and Charles were recommend to me from my previous clients, Sophia and Christine who are all cousins. It’s great to help document another member of this beautiful family’s big day. This wedding were full of amazing characters and people and it was so much fun as a photographer to capture these moments. Here are some of my favorite:

Photographer: Kevin Liang + Peter Chan

Venue: Dyker Beach Golf Course


Candid moment of mom watching Trisha getting ready.
The custom designed dress. It’s time to get ready.A balancing act to get this ring on the wall sconce. Charles getting ready with the rest of the guys.These guys had some moves!Peter caught this image of the dress hanging from the outside.During the first look.Always love the raw emotional moments during a first look.Trading a toy car for the rings =)A very emotional moment during the ceremony. What a dapper ring bearer.They brought the drama on the golf course. We caught this right before big droplets started coming down.
A lovely arrangement of flowers for the bridal bouquet.So much fun with this bridal party.“Watch me nae nae”Here comes the bride and groom.To be surrounded by so many people that love you is magical.Great speeches and stories told =)
Twins!Waited for this exact moment.Always great to be with family.

Cheers to Trisha and Charles for an incredible night and many memories to come.