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Our little, “After Christmas Getaway” to Canada! In the past year, Wendy had won a raffle and got a voucher to take any tour within North America. Just coming back from our Iceland trip we decided to go somewhere cold…AGAIN! I will say this will probably be our last trip to cold areas for a while!Love the details in the rock formations
Our next trip should be to the Grand Canyon! Isn’t this image just hinting it?A way for bikers to be festive!
A little After-Christmas portrait! I do really have a limited amount of images with my girlfriend.What a spectacular view!We finally arrived in Canada!Disney themed lighting decorations!
Wendy loves dogs! Wendy: “You promised me puppies!”Our snack for the night! A casual morning in Canada. I hope we have more moments like this!
Oh Canada, Eh?Gotta love the way she winks at me!Some exotic foods in Canada.What can we say…we had to get it and try it! It was very GREASY!It was an early morning but we had to get this shot before we left.She always puts a smile on my face…I’m not so sure about her.The amazing Corning Glass Museum.Bokeh-li-cious. It was an entire Christmas tree made out of these glass pieces.The things that glass can be molded and made into!The details are just insane.Simple and elegantWhat one pattern can do for the overall design!