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WD: Ana + Daniel


It may have been a rainy day but both Ana and Daniel didn’t let that stop them from enjoying their special day. It incredible how awesome these two were to brave the rain and have some incredible moments captured outside. Here are some of my favorites from the day:

Photography by Kevin Liang + Michael Hua

Ceremony: Old Westbury Gardens

Reception: Bell Port Country Club

A little veil on the mirror to create this effect.A moment between Ana and her mom just before she gets into the dress. I told them to think about today and how wonderful it will be…mom told me to stop because she doesn’t want to start crying already
Placed the veil on the mirror to get some texture…this moment just happened at the right angle. Love when everything works perfectly.Ana wanted to make sure I was there to capture her’s dad’s candid reaction to seeing her in the wedding dress for the first time and it was wonderful. The groom, Daniel, getting ready. I love the silhouette, shot by MichaelAna arriving at Old Westbury Gardens for some photos and the first look. Getting ready.It may have been raining but that didn’t stop them for being game to do the first look underneath very chic polkadot umbrellas. Love adventurous couples.The rain didn’t stop how wonderful this moment was for them.Nothing beats capturing these two lovely people in this amazing interior space.Some portraits outside in the rain…was it worth me getting a little soaked, heck yeah!“You ready for this!?”Caught this moment right when we finished with the ceremony and we were rushing to the reception which was an hour away. Daniel was outside getting the umbrella and Ana was waiting inside. They are a perfect fit.Its always great to have an awesome crew.During the first dance.It’s a special moment when two families become one…Luckily the rain stopped at this point and we were able to do a sparkler send-off to top off an incredible wedding.

E-Session: Connie + Eric

I was first approached by Connie through Jennifer who turns out to be cousins and asked if I would help them document their engagement photos. They had suggested Gantry Park and I personally love shooting here and it’s always fun to visit my old neighborhood. We were all set except one unexpected problem…rain…every photographer’s worst nightmare. Luckily it held out and even disappeared after we began shooting, PHEW! With that here are some of my favorite from that cloudy/sunny day.


We were chasing the sun, we saw that it had peaked out for a little bit with some picturesque clouds so we found a spot quickly and took the shot!

Love getting down low and using my surroundings to create a new perspective. Sometimes the best shots come in the form of a sharp conjoining building.Got a little closer for that wonderful smile from Connie.“The world always looks brighter behind a smile”Love shooting unique and interesting views .I love mixing architecture with engagement photos, the lines and symmetry make me so happy.How wonderful to always have a partner to laugh and smile with.Modern architecture meets urban landscape. Love a little silhouette.